Flower Bed / Leaf Cleanup

Flower Bed / Leaf Cleanup

Flower Bed and Leaf Cleanup

When the trees start dropping leaves, let the professionals help you out. Denmark Lawn offers leaf cleanup services on-demand in the fall and spring.

Save time and effort this season by having a professional Ft. Worth leaf removal companycleanup the leaves from your lawn and your flower beds. Choose the date that works for you and have a professional leaf removal company cleanup your lawn as soon as tomorrow.

You can be assured of the quality of your leaf clean-up service. All the landscapers at Denmark Lawnhave commercial grade equipment and the most experience. Instead of raking all the leaves yourself, let the pros at Denmark Lawn use their high-powered equipment to cleanup your yard and flower beds.

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Fort Worth’s Best Yard Cleanup Services

Spring or Fall, or any time in between, we offer yard and flower bed cleanup services. The tasks listed below are not necessarily dependent on the season, and we do what is needed to make your yard look magnificent.

Spring Services
  • Prune away dead and damaged branches.
  • Cut back and divide perennials as needed.
  • Clean up around plants, beds and borders.
  • Haul yard waste off to be composted (you may even see the results on your lawn later in the year).
  • Prep damaged lawn areas for spring seeding.
  • Tidy up any hardscape surfaces, including driveways.
  • Pull out any early weeds.
Fall Services
  • Rake up and dispose of leaves (back to the compost bins).
  • Clean out old annuals and weeds before seeds drop.
  • Cut back spent perennials that create hiding places for slugs, snails, and other pests.
  • Remove dead branches and other debris.
  • Pull out any pesky weeds.
  • Other tasks as needed to make your lawn look amazing!

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